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Sound designing Discussion about sound designing with the Virus series synths. Share patches and your knowledge or ask questions.

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Old 08.11.2009, 07:17 PM
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Default dubstep or how to create deep tones

Hello guys,

I do like some sort of the called 'dubstep' genre, and want to create some of such deep (bass) tones with my virus. I played arround and did not managed to do so. But I am not an expert of the virus. Maybe that sounds are not directly produced by a synth, but postprocessed anyhow (compression,...). But the topic now interrests me more.

I started just with basics. What I have found out is, that with the virus (or maybe with other synth) I can not produce a deep tone of a sinus wave. If playing tones deeper and deeper (decreasing the pitch) there is a certain point where the tone isn't a sinus anymore. All you can here is just a 'ticktack'. A sinus wave is smooth. If you decreasing the pitch you will probably come to the point where you can not hear it anymore, because your ear can't here it anymore, or your speaker can't play it. But it will be smooth till the end. (Imagine the membran of your speaker goes slowly in and out.)

So what I can imagine is that this is a limitation of the implementation of the synth. I assume that the dsp (or whatever) has a limited buffer. And since a low pitch means a longer wave period, there is a time when the whole sinus wave does not fit into the buffer: The sinus wave will be cut. After the buffer is played the dsp starts again at the beginning of the buffer. This will lead to an anormal edge in terms of a normal sinus wave, and is heard as 'ticktack'.

Is there anyone out there who knows what I am trying to explain? Or do I have to set same parameters correctly in order to play e.g. a smooth sinus tone of a frequency of 10-20 Hz?

I am not able to produce a 'clear' sinus tone. I selected sinus wave for osc1, and turned osc1/2 balance totally left (assuming to have no input from osc2). Of course I have no osc3, no subosc, no lfo, no matrix, no fx. BUT I still hear a kind of 'flanging'. Is this normal?

So thats for now, hoping you are not bored to death. Thanks.
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