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Originally Posted by TweakHead View Post
nice setup man but you should probably think about placing the speakers correctly! and what about that window? does it create sound problems on the room? those can be tricky! you could do the trick for speakers with some tripods or something, cheap and easy... cheers
Hi tweakhead - I am only an amateur home music maker to be honest, but I'd love to benefit from your experience. How should I place the speakers? I am more than happy to listen and learn. This is my conservatory and so there's windows all around me here I'm afraid, though I am not sure how it could create sound problems in the room. I might look into tripod stands or similar... thanks.

Originally Posted by TweakHead View Post
oh, those are tannoy reveal active 6, a korg karma, access virus ti keyboard, micro machine, logic keyboard - that's handy, korg khaos pad, virus control, albino 3 - the one and only, seenheiser HD something headphones... can't make a proper guess about the mixer and number 7
Damn!... you're goooood

Mixer is a Yamaha MW12 - very good but a few years old now. Since I took this pic (only a day or so ago) I've added a Saffire Pro14 as my main sound device so I now route the audio from the Yamaha through to that - the difference in sound quality is very noticeable. I also have a sE X1 mic and small sound booth which I am going to use to record my daughters vocals and her friends guitar playing. #7 by the way, is a Boss DR880 drum machine - again, very nice with lots of patterns and sounds... good for inspiration and laying down a riff, but I tend to use the Macschine Mikro for the sounds. The KORG Karma remains an excellent all rounder I have to say... I love the lush pad combi's it is capable of producing. It also has some fantastic drum patterns and sounds so I do tend to use it for those too. Besides, it's my first synth and I'd never ever ever sell my 'burgundy baby'. I also have a KORG RADIAS which is pretty decent for trance/dance etc, but I have loaned that to a friend for now.

The Virus TI though.... wowza, my main and by far, best synth.

You're right also about Albino - it is incredible and I love it. I have also taken a look at Uhe DIVA... some fantastic fat sounds on that, but very processor intensive.

Seriously, thanks for replying, I'd love to hear back from you with any advice you can offer - I am very much still learning.

Originally Posted by Prime NL View Post
You know what i would find disturbing in my studio....all those arrows pointing at my equipment....doesn't this get in your way...?
Haha..... loads of arrows but no bows though Prime NL... I can't play strings
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