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Assume just to produce a sinus wave with arround 70 Hz (as being heard at the youtube video).

Yes, I know that it is possible to use a lfo to layer a deep swinging over an normal tone. But the result is different, and I like the pure sound of a deep sinus.

Has anyone tried the youtube video? The better equipment (speaker) you have the greater is it. But also with my small speaker you will notive that pure wave.

Please note that I am asking not because I want to complain about the virus. Definitely not. The youtube sound might not be produced by a synth, but by a (analog) signal generator.
I just want to know if you guys get the same results with your virus. I have a virus snow but I dont think that makes a difference here.
Take 5 minutes and try to produce a pure sinus in the deep area. What do you get? If possible link your best results.
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