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Here's why I think Access has to (and will) turn out a great working product once the TI is released - revenue!! Right now all of those preorders are just that - preorders, which is not the same as sales - they have collected no money from anyone with a preorder. 2nd, when they prematurely announced the TI, they also prematurely discontinued their flagship Virus C line, so they are no longer making money off of that. So they have had all this money going into R&D and marketing of their new product and only have revenue streams from what? the virus classic and powercore lines? So with all this money tied up into the TI line and the limited revenue stream they currently have, they know that they HAVE TO release a good product!! If they don't and the reviews get out that the instrument is buggy, then most will hold off on buying - at which point Access will be in serious, serious trouble. Again, this is just my thoughts as I really have no way of knowing Access's current fiscal position.
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