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Nigel Harkness 13.12.2004 08:26 PM

Expected TI shipping
Just talked to the sales rep. where I ordered my TI desktop. They are expecting the first batch to get in on 1/7/05 unless Virus pushes the date back.

Smag 13.12.2004 08:53 PM

The first batch are due into London (Turnkey) on Dec 21st, just in time for me to demo the Hypersaw in front of my grandparents on Christmas Day.

Merlot 14.12.2004 12:24 AM

just got off the phone with and they are still saying the first shipment is due on the 17th of Dec and the second one is due on the 30th. Also said access is telling them they will have it on the 21st of Dec.
Maybe access is not saying anything b/c they want to treat it as a christmas present type of deal. Who knows. JUST GIVE US A F^&*IN DATE!!!!

blay 14.12.2004 02:22 AM


..the desperation :wink:

I really hope everyone has the perfect xmas....

Merlot 14.12.2004 04:32 AM

The desperation would be OK if I had something else to use. I have logic pro 7 underneath my tree wrapped, and waiting on the TI. Thie thing is I paid for em both, but cant use either one. Can you understand the desperation now? :x :x :x :x

Merlot 14.12.2004 04:35 AM

I take that back, i didn't pay for LP7, my wife did. :D

blay 14.12.2004 05:07 AM


Originally Posted by Merlot
Can you understand the desperation now? :x :x :x :x

i sold shares which have gone up nearly a dollar each since to buy the ti.
i have preordered, and was prepared to make payment in full to guarantee my self a unit in the first shipment, but only a $200 deposit was necessary...
ever since i have been hounding people all over the world for more info.

...yeah i understand your desperation :wink:

Hollowcell 14.12.2004 08:01 AM

Hehehe, this is a classic! Takes me back to the days when I was waiting months for my C to arrive.

jasedee 14.12.2004 11:37 AM

Mate.....I cruised into the store, picked up the RackXL under my arm and walked the fuck out :)

But.....It was such a f*ckin headache to get my G5.....soundcard incompatabilities, software updates etc...

I feel you pain!

(But still......sucked in!!!!! )

blay 14.12.2004 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by jasedee
(But still......sucked in!!!!! )

he who laughs last laughs loudest....
you can keep yo giddy ass giggling all the way till mid january jasedee - until I send you a pic of my new ti keyboard sitting in my studio :twisted:
besides i have a kb to keep me occupied in the meantime, while i think up twisted applications for 9 sawtooths in parallel :wink:

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